Friday, July 9, 2010

walking and freezing

Just got back from another power walk. The street I live on is either a mile long or a half mile long (I think its half) and I only walked it up and down twice this time. I’m going back out in a few minutes to try and walk it again as many times as possible. I just wanted to make sure I wrote again before bed and idk if I’ll have the energy afterwards.

When summer started, my goal was to reach my UG (98 lbs) before the first day of school. But I messed up and slacked for half a month. So its time to change up the goals. I have a friend who’s out of the country right now. He comes home on the 16th and I’m supposed to be at the airport when he arrives. I want to be 125 lbs by then. Its totally do-able I think. Also, school starts sometime in August. I want to be at or under 115 by the first day. This is also do-able, I think. I want to reach by UGW by New Year’s. Hello, motivation.

I don’t really know if freezing yourself works, but I’m starting it tonight. When I get back from walking I’m going to take a freezing cold shower and then turn my fan on, the AC down, take the comforter off of my bed and sleep in just a sports bra and underwear. We’ll see how it works.

Walking my street three times resulted in two pounds lost. Let’s see what walking it six times plus freezing does.

Stay strong, lovely ladies! ThinkLiveLove Ana. xoxo

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