Friday, July 23, 2010

I ate so much yesterday. I was up a pound yesterday anyway, so I’m just not going to get on the scale today. And since I had a 500 calorie day in the plan, I’m just using yesterday as my 500 cal day. I’m fasting for the next four days; liquids only for the first two days & water only for the second two. Time to get into high gear. I don’t have that much longer until school starts & I still have over ten pounds to lose.

Yesterday at the psychiatrist, she told me I looked like I had lost a bunch of weight and I looked like a whole new person. I weighed 136 pounds the last time she saw me, yesterday I was 133. I don’t understand why she thought I had lost so much weight, but she wouldn’t stop talking about it. It made me feel really good.

I’m calling the rest of the summer Back to School Boot Camp. Its going to be hardcore. I’m only giving myself one eating day a week. And I’m working out twice a day. I need to meet this goal. I NEED TO!


  1. ahhh yay! I'm soo glad I found your blog my dear! jeep it up girl. thinspire to be what ever u want. be whoever you want. you can control who you're destined to be. stay strong

  2. Just started following you, even though I can see that you haven't been around for a little while . . . hope you're doing okay! I really enjoy reading your blogs. :)