Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1 of Getting Back to Buisness

Weight: 137 lbs.

Well shit. I’m exactly where I started off last week; closer to 140 than 130. Fuck. I imported all the posts from the old blog & I’ve been reading them all night. I was so good back then. What the fuck happened?

Liquids only today. No exceptions. Liquids only until I’m under 126. I know its possible. I used to liquid fast all the time. It takes 3 days to build a habit. This is day one. Do any of you know some good low cal drinks? I’m allergic to aspartame, so I can’t drink diet coke which sucks because diet coke is like THE ana beverage. Pretty much all I have is water, tea, coffee, & cranberry juice right now. I guess I’ll just go off of that for now.

I’m declaring this fast The Getting Back To Business Fast. Rules for The Getting Back to Business Fast:

• Liquids only (obviously)
• Every other day have a cup of plain chicken broth
• Smoothies do not count as a liquid
• Stay under 300 cals a day

After reading all my posts from Fat is Not an Option, I know I can last four days without eating. Surely I can be down to 126 lbs by then. Surely.

Think thin, lovelies. Stay strong! xoxo

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  1. Nice blog (:
    Good luck with the 300cals ...