Sunday, July 18, 2010

sunday brunch

I couldn’t get on the scale this morning, so I’m not sure where I am. Today was pretty successful though. Yay!

My sleep schedule is completely fucked, so I usually don’t go to sleep until noon. But today, my dad walks in my room at like 10:30 and says “We’re going to brunch.” Now, I should probably tell you that my family isn’t the “Sunday Brunch” type. At all. We kind of all just do our own thing and pretend the others don’t exist. So I was a little scared/shocked. So we got to the restaurant before it was open and my mom was like “Fuck this, let’s go to Starbucks.” I was relieved because I was supposed to be liquid fasting and I could drink coffee and no one would suspect anything. So I got a caramel frap and we all sat outside.

Then when 11 came, they decided they still wanted to go to brunch. So we want back to the restaurant and everyone orders drinks (except me, I’m the only minor). So while everyone is getting tipsy, I’m planning on ways to get out of eating. The waiter came back to take our orders and I said I wasn’t ready, so everyone else ordered another drink. By the time I “was ready”, everyone had a slight buzz. The plan had worked.

So I ordered a biscuit plate, which is just four biscuits. And when the food comes, everyone is all wrapped up in drunken conversation that no one even pays attention to me. When the waiter came back to refill our drinks or whatever, I quickly asked him for a box and by the time anyone noticed that I hadn’t eaten, it was all boxed up and put away. Sunday Brunch = not a single bite.

We came home and I toked and fell asleep until eleven and I got my leftovers and chew/spat three of them and gave one to my dog. I still haven’t eaten anything today. And it feels awesome.

I didn’t even drink half of my coffee or my coke at the restaurant. So I’m guessing I’m at about 100 liquid cals for today. :D

I’m going to go take a smoke break, then take an icy cold shower and look at thinspo. I want to meet this goal. I will do it.

Think thin, stay strong xoxoxo

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