Sunday, January 9, 2011

i haven't really been in habit lately, but i am back. currently 126, and i WILL be out of the 120s by the end of the month. no exceptions.

and duuuuude, when did i get so many followers?! thank you all so much! i love every single one of you. <3


  1. welcome back, love


  2. I weigh 127.2, and I plan to be out of the 120s by the end of this month too! My treat for getting to 115 (which I haven't been since high school) is a new haircut! Good luck. You'll do it. :)

  3. i have no idea how you do it. getting followers is hard. i've been on blogger two years now and i only have like 4 followers. and i do try really hard to be active on the ana community on here. but most of the time i really feel like no one is listening.

    sorry for the rant.

  4. nikki - thanks girl, i'll be texting you A LOT more now. (:

    ss - we can do this, girl! and we'll be that much closer to our goal weights :D. what's your ug?

    zoey - i've had this blog for a while too & i just recently got followers. are we friends on facebook? if not, add me:) & if you ever want an ana texting buddy, i'm your girl. i'm not very active in the ana community either. so we can be ana loners together lol