Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i gave up on fasting this week; i'm just restricting. i'll fast all next week. too many things keep coming up to successfully fast this week, fuck.

BUT. i've gotten so many comments about looking skinnier this week. SO many. my mom, my grandma, my psychiatrist, people from school. its so thinspirational. i can't wait til im in the double digits!

so how are you all doing? i want to make more ana friends, don't be shy. i don't bite:)


  1. you'll get there, love. be strong. :D

    stay strong, think thin, live ana

  2. im glad youre getting compliments! i am too... although, i dont see why.
    im alright, thank you for asking. (:

    stay lovely. <3

  3. hey I made a new blog and got rid of my old one so check it out. I made it yesterday so it is super lonely! XX