Saturday, January 29, 2011

back down:)

back down to 122 and i'm not screwing it up this time. i've had a banana today & i'm about to eat some oatmeal, and that's it. restricting HARD today and tomorrow, and fasting all next week. i will be out of the 120's before Winter Formal (Feb. 12).

in the past 48 hours, i've been asked twice about my weight. its the greatest feeling ever when someone says "omg how'd you lose so much weight?" or "you're getting so tiny, pixie." considering i'm not even that small yet. i keep telling myself to think about the comments i'll get when i'm 110, 105, and then 98. god, i can't wait.

so, how is everyone doing? are you guys reaching your goals and thinking thin/living ana?


  1. my school's winter dance is the same day! we'll both be skinny minis by then :)

    stay strong, think thin, live ana

  2. Good luck you do it =) I too luv it when people notice you have lost weight you always feel so good about yourself even if it is only for those few minutes =)

  3. nikki - we got this on lock, girl(:

    bree - true dat true dat