Monday, January 24, 2011

yesterday i woke up at 121 pounds, and decided to celebrate with a toke. i smoked a gram and a half of some really good shit, got the munchies, and ate my ass off (or really gained it back). woke up this morning at 124.

so, liquid fast this week with water fasting on days with the letter u in them. i know its weird, but it seems safe to me and i do it all the time, lol. so yeah. and i'm going to start bracing the cold and running every morning/night again, along with punching my punching bag. getting serious. if the cost of being thin is no more pot smoking, so be it. i'm supposed to be sober for mike anyway. whatever it takes to have my bones stick out, my thighs not touch, and my goal reached. i am going to do this. i will get thin or die trying.


  1. you'll get back down in no time. my buddy texted me last night about what he's selling right now, &about the stuff he got in california. but i can't afford the munchies. boo. fasting 4 days a week should definitely get you down, but remember to drinks tons of water. cheers for running. people think i'm crazy for running outdoors in the cold. i'm saving for a punching bag. stay strong, doll.

  2. i celebrated with a toke this morning. but i didnt smoke NEARLY as much as you... im a light weight. (smoking and drinkingwise) :P.
    you well definitly go back down soon! it probably water weight! good luck!


  3. i found out that weed boosts your metabolism 40%. that's why you get the munchies. and why people who smoke all the time and DON'T get bad munchies are so effing scrawny. so if you learn to beat them, it could actually help you. fun fact of the day from nikki. :D

    sounds like a good plan. i like that "fasting on days with a 'u'" thing. clever. haha