Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i've been restricting; not really starving but not really eating either and i'm currently at 124 lbs. i'm hoping to get to 108 by christmas. my red bracelet is back on and i'm in this for the long run. with all the parental drama going on, no one pays attention to whether or not i'm eating so this all works out perfectly. and my boyfriend is like the biggest thinspiration i've ever had. he's so fucking tiny and it motivates the shit out of me. any time i feel weak and hungry, i simply think of him and do some situps. its going to work this time, i can feel it. i'm getting back to my lw and no one can fucking stop me.

i'm going to get thin or die trying.


  1. ah girly, im going to same way as you. im getting back to my lw. i dont care how much treadmill time i have to do!

  2. hey :) ive suffered w ed for 10 years.. now im happy, having a blast and staying positive and focusing on that.. and still stay thin. Maybe u can find a lil inspiration :)
    follow me please n ill follow u <3

  3. what you try to do is surely stupid.If you don't eat 5 meals per day,you don't lose weight ina healthy way and as a result when you start eat again,you will gain weight so fast and so easy + if you don't eat properly,your thyroid will react and then you gain weight,even if you don't eat anything....