Tuesday, February 1, 2011

home from school today

and i'm using it to my advantage. i'm going to spend the day upping the ante; watching dvr'd thinspirational shows/specials, looking at thinspo online, working out, reading Wasted, and freezing. i was 120 yesterday, and i'm 121 today. i'm determined to get to 119 by tomorrow. and i'm not eating again until i'm 115. i've got my plan in motion and i can do this.

so far, i've had a hot chocolate ( 210 calories) and i'm currently sipping a homemade caramel frap (>110 calories) and then its water for the rest of the day. i wanted to use laxies today to help lose a couple pounds, but i can't find my stash. so i might do a saltwater flush, but it depends on if my grandma ends up coming over to "keep me company" while i'm sick. so i guess we'll see.

in other news: my size 5 jeans are officially too big! they practically fall off of me. :D
i can't wait to get to a double zero. i'll feel so accomplished.

well, i'm off to lose these damn two pounds. stay strong, lovelies. <3


  1. you can do it! im so happy for you that your jeans are too big. there's some thinspo right there for ya :P i tried a saltwater flush just yesterday for a concert and i lost around a pound, but i didn't really see it. i'm always so afraid of satwater flushes because everything i know tells you not to eat salt! haha. but yeah. stay strong :] just think of how good it will feel when you're 119. that should keep you going :]


  2. thank you thank you:)
    i have the same problem with the saltwater flush, hahah.

    how are you doing?

  3. homemade caramel frapp?????? recipe please!!

    be careful with the saltwater flush, you'll prolly end up shitting fire :/

    stay strong, think thin, live ana

  4. I love watching shows like that! Hope you had a great day at home. :)
    I <3 Wasted. I wish there was another book exactly like it, but different. Hee hee.

    Yay for size 5s falling off! My size 5s fit just fine, unfortunately. lol.

  5. nikki - three tablespoons of coffee, a quarter cup of low fat milk, half a cup of water, a lotttt of ice, & two tablespoons of light caramel syrup (or chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup or whatever flavor you want, i just happened to be craving caramel yesterday)and put it in a blender/frap maker. if you use low fat milk and light syrup, its about 60 calories.

    SS - wasted is soooo good! have you ever read Stick Figure? its pretty good too, as well as Skinny.

    you'll get there! just stay strong, lovey. you can do it(: