Thursday, May 6, 2010

02: Day One

I woke up an hour late and had a coffee (sugar and cream :/), I don't know how many calories. At school I had a few bites of a cinnamon roll and nothing else. Then I got home.

I think its just routine and I'm not used to doing it any other way; I get off the bus, walk home, use the bathroom, eat. Every single day. Today didn't start off so bad - a little bit of jello. Then I saw last night's leftovers and ate some. And some cheese. And a bag of chips. And a Pepsi.

I'll admit, it could have been way worse than it was. But there is most definitely room for improvement. I want to go the rest of the school year & all summer on nothing but cottage cheese, jello, & salad. Liquid fast every other day.Wouldn't it be great if I could pull that off? I'd lose all my weight, no doubt.

Tomorrow I'm going to liquid fast. (water, juice, milk, coke, etc)
Saturday I might just eat soup at each meal.
Then I'm going to start my cottage cheese/jello/salad diet; liquid fasting every other day.

98 pounds, here I come.


  1. I just wanted to let you know..I read. I've read every post
    I'm just generally more of a um..lurker? than a commentor[sorry].
    But it sounds like you're doing well, you know what needs to be improved and it sounds like you've renewed motivation
    Good luck
    You can do it. <3

  2. aw, thanks :)
    that means a lot & i'm glad to hear it!

    how are you doing?