Friday, May 14, 2010

03: Computer Crash.

My computer crashed last week and I had no way to post. Blah. There wasn't a whole lot going on that you missed out on, guys. I lost two pounds, got stoned and had the munchies, and gained those two pounds back.

There are four days of school left and after that, I am fully devoted to weight loss. I plan on liquid fasting every other day. I really hope I have the strength to do it.

I want to hear from my three followers :D. How are you all? Are you Ana/Mia/EDNOS? What are your goals? Any diet tips/tricks? Favorite bands? Grade in school? I want this blog to be more interactive than the last one was. Y'know? Well, yeah.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Hopefully I can just push the fluids and get out of eating. That would be wonderful.

Oh, by the way, my alias is Pixie Rose. So: Hi, my name is Pixie. What's yours?


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  2. Hey!
    My user name is Yunna (seems quite stupid to me now, but I'm using it for over a year so I won't change it). I've never been diagnosed with an ED, because I don't have one, I've just been struggling with compulsive overeating and bulimic tendencies since I was 12 (now I am 21). That's why I ended up like this huge fat ass. I am even jealous about your goal weight (98lb), because I know I have no real chance to get there. My UGW is 130 - so I have 18lb to go. In last 10 months I have lost 24lb (not gradually, though, there was a lot of ups and downs) but it's getting harder :(
    I am more focused on BMI than on weight. My goal is to get under 20 (which means 19,9 is enough for me haha). I know it's still a lot but for me it's dreamy lol
    98 pounds sounds really tiny for me. What would be your BMI if you get there?
    One of my recent favourite trick is using cosmetics that smells like sweets, like body butter or lip gloss - I know it sounds weird, but it suppresses my cravings for candy lol
    Which are yours fav tips/tricks?

    Anyway, I promised myself I would interactmore with others for many times but I always failed. Communication (even on the net) is very difficult for me :( I also feel very insecure about my english (btw I'm sorry about any mistakes :)

    Good luck with your plans, I plan on some liquid fast days next week too!

    oops and I'm sorry about the double post

  3. hello!
    i couldn't even tell that english wasn't your first language. what is?
    congrats on your weight loss! 24 pounds is a lot. when i get to my goal weight, my bmi will be 17.4

    hm, i never thought of that. when im fasting and get super hungry, i put baby teething gel on my tongue to numb my taste buds. i know it sounds odd but i swear it works. :)

  4. Hey sug! I don't know if you still get on here. I don't know if I actually have an eating disorder. I think I just have a lot of self control. Maybe I'm in denial? My lowest weight was 88lbs. I'm 5' 1'' and unfortuantely after having my baby I ended up 125! :(

    I've since been working to get down. I'd like to get down to 98lbs. That's the lowest weight I can get down to and still be healthy.

    I think the reason you are having so much trouble is how you go about your "dieting" It seems to me after reading much of your blog all you manage to do is fast and then binge and then fast and then binge.

    What has been working for me is eating 500 calories and then 1,000 calories and alternating those two amounts. I'm now down to 117lbs. I lost 3 lbs last week and haven't binged once. Best way to explain it is only eat 5,000 calories a week. You can vary your daily calories however you want. Just needs to equal 5,000.

    Also give yourself one meal a week that's whatever you want. It doesn't count into your 5,000 calories. For my choice meal I ate 6 chicken tenders, mashed potatos, a biscuit, 2 happy hippo candies, and about 2 cups of ice cream. I was so worried I would gain. But I only gained a lb back. So I lost four and only gained one back. But it was great! No more cravings and I've lost an inch off my bust, waist and hips in a week!!!

    So this diet really works!! 3 lbs in one week and I haven't slipped once. Giving yourself a cheat meal once a week really helps! I promise! And varying the calories keeps your body guessing!!

    This is week 2 for me and It's really not bad at all. :)

    Good luck and God (or who/whatever) bless! :D