Wednesday, February 2, 2011


so, the whole get-down-to-119 plan was ruined by stupid period bloating. and i have a general rule that when i'm raggin', i don't get on the scale. and i tell myself that if i work hard enough, i won't have to deal with periods anymore. so i'm fasting til i'm off the rag. no food. no soup. no smoothies. just water, diet coke, tea, coffee, juice, etc.

i have a cat scan today, so i'm not allowed to eat or drink anything but water anyway so i'm using that as an excuse to water fast today. hopefully this week's fast will impact my loss when i'm done raggin'.

when i'm on the rag, working out just doesn't seem like something i want to be a part of. what do you guys (ladies, i mean) do for exercise during that dreaded TOM?

think thin, stay strong xoxo

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