Sunday, November 1, 2009

its 9:15am and i weighed myself about an hour ago and i'm honestly ashamed to put my weight on here today. its fucking horrible. so that just gave me more motivation to start strong today. im taking in ZERO calories today; helllo, water fast. tomorrow is going to be a liquid fast, then tuesday is a water fast, so on and so forth until i'm back at xxx lbs. then i'm going to take in 300 calories and start the process over until i'm xxx lbs. and then i'll be back to where i started from and work from there.

i just walked about a half a mile and later today, im going to walk around downtown which should burn off a few calories. so i guess thats good. and its cold outside! ive always associated ana with winter, i dont know why. but im pumped!


its 9pm and i took in ZERO calories today! i'm so proud; its been forever since i actually did it. and im sure if you add up all the walking i did today, thats probably about 4 or 5 miles. so i most definitely burned more than i took in. which is good ;). now, if i can keep it up until im back down to xxxlbs, ill have real reason to celebrate. god, i love this game.

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