Monday, November 2, 2009

I ate. Not a whole whole lot (under 500 cals), but still. And I genuinely do not like the feeling. So it should be easy to stick to liquid fasting. NO solid food for the next four days. No matter what. I will be 115 on Thanksgiving. Not a thing can fuck me up now. I never lost the mindset; Ana has been whispering in my ear since seventh grade. Now its all about taking her sweet words of wisdom and obeying her commands. And I will faithfully obey. She is now my goddess, since I lost my God. With Her guidance my hipbones will hurt people when they hug me. I'll overlap my fingers around my thigh. I will disappear when I turn sideways. It's all about control. And I'm doing it.

First Goal: 115.
Second Goal: 110.
Third Goal: 105.
Ultimate Goal: 98.

Bring it on, baby. Think thin; starve on.

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