Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thinspiraaation like no other.

So, remember "C", the one who by the grace of idk what convinced me to stop earlier this year, thus causing me to get fat again? Well today I asked him if he thinks I've gotten fat since we were together and he basically said yeah. Which is gave me the will (I needed so desperately) to stick to this water fast. I was so close to making some Chicken Noodle soup, but now the thought makes me want to puke involuntarily. (Which I hate)

Please, Dear Ana, help me starve my way to perfection; to beauty again.


Today I had a liter of water (should have been 3, I know), a piece of gum(<5 cals), and water with some flavoring stuff in it (5 cals, 0 from fat). Total calorie intake of the day: less than five. Could be better, but not going to beat myself up over it. Not yet.

I better be at least xxx again in the morning. If not, instead of liquid fasting I'll have to just water fast again. I hope its down tomorrow; I need some caffeine.

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