Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Its Halloween and I wish I could say I was being a good little ana and steering clear of the food and treats, but I can't. I just pigged out on Voodoo BBQ & a mini-Hershey's bar. BLAH. I was doing really well up until then though. And I figure that since tomorrow's the first of the month, I can take it full on. I dont know why firsts of the month or week have some kind of significance in my mind, as though it will make me restrict and fast better or something, but oh well.

So I'm taking steps to get in the ana-direction again. I'm going to start enforcing my rules again, restricting hard when I'm not fasting, fasting every single day I plan (no excuses). I mean it this time. By January, I will have lost at least fifteen pounds. My ultimate goal is to lose 35 pounds. I will do this, I'll be thin if it kills me.

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