Monday, September 28, 2009

New Plan, Day 1 of 50.

Well. After my day of food, food, food yesterday, I weigh in at 121.8 pounds this morning. Which is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. (See? There is a God :D) So, I think I'm going to count yesterday as Day 1 because I had to have eaten 500 calories. Which means that today is another 500 calorie day. eeek! It's also my sixteenth birthday, :). Which means if I stick to what I've planned out so far, I'll be able to eat like 100 calories at the "birthday dinner." Not too suspicious or anything. So here's today's plan. I WILL STICK TO IT.

- 8 oz. fake-a-ccino (90 cals)

- Lettuce, Swiss cheese, & mustard sandwich on wheat (170 cals, 50 from fat)

After School (if necessary)
- Carrots in mustard OR chips and salsa (0-10 cals)

*Throughout the day, try to get at least 3 liters of water.

So by dinnertime, I'll have had an intake of 270 calories. Which means I'll be able to eat 230 calories at dinner, leaving me completely undetected by the parents! & Hopefully it'll be something like a seaweed salad (usually around 140 cals) and leave it at that. But I guess we'll see? Think thin, starve on!

3:30pm. I didn't eat my sandwich for lunch. But I had to eat on of the cupackes "R" made. I was planning on not doing so, but she got really upset that she made them for me and I wasn't eating any. So I had to. :/. So I guess that by itself was around 100-110 cals maybe? & I had a pizza lunchable and some chips and salsa when I got home. So I'm assuming I've had my allotted 500 for the day. WHICH by the way, I accidentally let it slip that I was eating 500 cals today when I gave away my sandwich and everyone like flipped a shit. It was redonkulous. But I'm not going to let anyone stop me this time, nopenopenope! I will get thin or die trying.

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