Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 3 of 24

I didn't reach my goal yesterday; I didn't even drink one liter of water. But I did have a small Mangofest smoothie ( 0 cals from fat), a Dr. Pepper (155 cals), a giant peach Tazo tea (90 cals), & a light lemonade (5 cals). So I had 340 calories yesterday, a little more than I would have liked. But no solid food which is good.

Again, I'm not going to get a chance to weigh myself this morning. Ah, the downfalls of staying the night out. But I guess since I can totally just tell my parents I ate tons here, they won't try to get me to eat something. So it all balances out I guess. My goal was to be 119lbs Monday morning and for the sake of my sanity I really hope I made it. Ha. I probably won't get to do the SWflush this weekend which is BOGUS but whatever I guess. Think thin, starve on!

I just ran/jogged/walked like three miles on a completely empty stomach. I love the feeling of an empty stomach soooo much. I forgot how good it feels to be empty. & I think I'm about to indulge on another Mangofest smoothie ( 0 cals from fat). I'm watching ANTM as I type this which is verrry thinspiring! I really hope that by tomorrow I'm at least 119lbs. If not, I'll just drink water until I am. Gotta love Ana. (:

* I also learned that
a Venti Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Latte is only 160 cals (with non-fat milk and no whip cream) what an incredible revelation! :)

This morning I had a small glass of light grape juice before leaving "K"s house. When I got home I had a 90 cal coffee. Since then I've exercised and only had zero calorie liquids. I haven't eaten anything solid since Thursday night but despite knowing this, I feel like a FAT FUCKING COW. The emptiness in my stomach has subsided and I feel full. I hate that feeling more than anything. Ugggggggggh. I need more thinspiration NOW.

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