Monday, January 4, 2010


I didn't get to fast today because I was with a friend and we went out to eat with her family and I couldn't get out of it. Blah. Its weird because the past two times I've gone out with them (they eat out for literally every meal) I managed to not eat a single bite. But I guess it was a limited time only kind of deal. And now I can't find the nutrition information online ANYWHERE so I don't even know how many calories I had. FUCK MY LIFE. I'm too scared to get on a scale tonight, lame I know. But I'll get on tomorrow morning when I've had some sleep.

I feel so freaking fat and disgusting right now, its not even funny. Like I just want to take a knife to my stomach and perform my own little liposuction. I hate this. But school starts back up tomorrow & I can skip meals easier during school seeing as no one at my house is awake around breakfast, lunch is at school, and I can be "too busy studying" around dinner. Plus, I can run after school before anyone gets home. So I'm just trying to keep calm and think about that, but I'm really flipping out. I just feel so fat and worthless. Ugh.

I hope you guys had a better day than me. Stay strong, think thin, much love. <3

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