Sunday, February 21, 2010


i fucking hate myself. the day's not even over and im up a pound. fuck me. fuck me. fuck me.
im so fucking fat and disgusting, its unbelievable. i mean, no wonder all m friends bailed on me. i wouldnt want to be seen with me either. im a fucking cow. no wonder people in the ana community want nothing to do with me, im a fat fucking cow. id fuck them up with their progress. I FUCKING HATE MY FAT FUCKING SELF.

5'4 and 132 pounds? really? god damn. im fucking pathetic.

i cant wait for school tomorrow. its easy to not eat on school days. and i'll get some exlax after. i fuuuucking hate me, i hate everything. fuck.FUCK. FUCK.

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  1. have you ever tried diet pills?

  2. this post is literally my thoughts all the time. but at least youre being active about it, im just failing.

    i cant keep on track. i feel like im gaining weight continuously, girl above me, do you know how to make diet pills most effective.

  3. caire, i have tried diet pills but they dont really do anything for me..

    thinFORme, the not staying on track killlls me! but one day i'll get a grip on it.

  4. You aren't even overweight honey butt. You're idea weight for your height is 124-138lbs. I understand you wanting to be super skinny, but stop beating yourself up so much!! :)