Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 1 of Starting Fresh.

I've learned from previous experience that jumping right into starving is NOT a good idea, so today started my three day minimal eating period. Its 4:30 and I had coffee for breakfast and some bread, crackers, and peanut butter after school. Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be soup only days and then I can start real fasting again. I'm. So. Pumped.

I fucking hate my fat fat fat self, man. ITS DISGUSTING. I hate it. All of it; my stomach, my arms, my thighs, my cheeks, my ass. Its all fucking disgusting. I'm done. I'm done being fat and gross, I'm going to be skinny and gorgeous. Legit this time.

Every day I become a little more depressed, a little more antisocial, a little more numb. I'm disillusioned and jaded and I'm ready to waste away. I have nothing important or interesting to say. I'll leave it at: I am fat. I hate myself. And I will be thin.


  1. sorry, typo. i meant "CAN tell it's working"

  2. the most amazing thing is super hot tea with splenda. if you want something extra filling, add a bit of milk, and it seems more filling (to me). i cant tell it's working when my jeans get looser in the thighs after 2 days (works fast)

  3. thanks :). what kind of tea do you usually drink?

  4. i drink green tea. it's supposedly verryyyy good for the skin. in the wintertime, i drink chai.