Thursday, October 1, 2009

First of October :)

Fall is here! Its my absolute faaavorite time of year. Its so beautiful. Ah! So, I weighed in at 123lbs this morning. I'm still not on track but after the horrible binge I had yesterday, it could be so much worse. So today is a liquid fast day. Water, tea, juice, milk, etc. I'm going to try to stick with just water and tea but we'll see how that goes.

After my binge yesterday, I took a handful of laxatives (12 pills, 4 doses) so I'm not going to school today for pretty obvious reasons. Which means I can spend all day getting thinspired. :D Laawd knows I need it. I still have to be 115 by Monday to get back on track. Think thin, starve on!

12:10pm. I think the laxatives have taken their toll & are done now. Thank goodness. I don't know how much I weigh right now, but my hair is wet so I don't want to get on a scale until its dry. Fasting today has been pretty easy so far and I hope it stays easy until Monday. The last four day fast I did was relatively easy and I lost about 5 pounds with it. So I think if I cut back the liquid calories I'm taking in and burning off more than I take in and all that jazz, I'll be able to get back on track by Monday. The hungry feeling is creeping back in and I love it! I'm not going to waver anymore. I binged twice this week. No more. Fast, fast, fastttt until Monday. Think thin, starve on!

4:30pm. I'm about to drink my second cup of hot chocolate (150 cals, 30 from fat). & other than that, I've had nothing but water and tea all day.

Total intake of today:
300 calories, 60 from fat. Progress, progress.

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